I have always loved capturing a new family adoring their new bundle of joy and seeing their reaction towards the images we create. 

Today baby Freya, Mummy & Daddy had their turn.

Freya Joy is a month and a half into her new life, she has the sweetest lips and most mesmerising eyes. Freya loves to feed on Mummy and is happy having long cuddles with Daddy. Her first experience of the camera may not have been her favourite but her little face was a pleasure to capture. Freya is the first grandchild on her Mummy's side, second on Daddy's and a treasured girl all round. 

I find it amazing how new Mummy's adapt, even more so when they are my best friends and I get to experience these special moments with them. Obviously I'm so very lucky that I enjoy taking photographs and my nearest and dearests allow me to capture moments and memories for them. 

Admiring how families love, grow and nurture brings me to acknowledge and praise all the Mummy's working it through this challenging, exhausting. yet amazing time. So if you're a new Mum, older Mum, grandparent Mum, Dad Mum, same sex Mum's, same sex Dad's, young Mum, single Mum, grieving Mum, foster Mum, adoptive Mum, step Mum, working Mum and any kind of amazing Mum, then you've got this. You've got this journey, you've got the challenge and you've got the strength to carry on. However hard times are or how hard they may feel you can do it and you are in fact doing it right now. 

When I eventually become a Mum in whichever shape or form, I will have memories of all these Mum's and be able to find faith in my own abilities. Whilst looking back on all the faces I have captured and moments surrounding that one still, I can and always will admire all you do.   

-Mummy & Freya- 14.5.17


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