The King's Speech: Happy New Year

I spent my new years eve with my best girlies and their beautiful boyfriends/husbands. The first time we have spent it all together and we had a bloody marvellous time and it was one of my best new years eve's.

*Friends are born not made *

I would like to share with you my little speech I did on NYE night. FYI whilst writing this I'm listening to our playlist from the evening.

So last year Jessica  and I were taking the trip of our lifetime and during this trip we spent a lot of time laughing, talking about family, weddings, children etc and off course you guys. So basically what I'm trying to say is that even over the other side of the world you lot were always in our thoughts and funny memories, we were very lucky to have that whilst making some awesome memories ourselves.
I distinctly remember our flight home and how nervous and anxious we felt about seeing everybody not knowing what the next year of 2012 would bring. 
Now all of a sudden we are at the end of that year?! Where did the time go?!

I'm so glad we all have each other and I know 100% life wouldn't be the same and most defiantly we wouldn't get through our hard times and happy times if we didn't have each other. From the bottom of my heart and without getting to soppy (as i like to do) I want you all to know how happy I am we are all together this New Years Eve. We all managed to get through the trials and tribulations of 2012 and I know 2013 will be the same, so please lets make sure we always......

Tell the truth
Help others
Keep your promises
Laugh a lot
Try new things
Spread Kindness
Count your blessings
Jump in muddy puddles
Climb trees and lie in the grass
Dance in the rain
Run barefoot
Reach for the stars 
Look for shapes in the clouds
Ride a bike
Dare to dream
Read more books
Inspire others
Enjoy your journey
Smile, Love & Be happy

In the words of Walt Disney: 

''Laughter is timeless,
Imagination has no age
& dreams are forever''

Happy New Year 

Love Lucy 


  1. I love you, just shed a lil tear!! we are very lucky girls xxx

  2. Lovely words and lovely pics. Read more books. Super....

    Lots of love

    Tha man in the hat x x x

  3. I love your Kings Speech and a sneak peek at the photos, thanks darling xxxx

  4. Great post!
    Happy new year!

  5. lovely photos, sounds like you had an amazing nye! :)xo

    1. It really was, thank you. Love your blog x

  6. Happy New Year Lucy! And a new follower :)

    Would love if you could check of my blog/follow back


    1. Thank you!! Hope youve had a happy january xx

    2. Thank link isnt taking me to your blog hun? x

  7. Love the photos to a great 2013!

  8. I love you and loved nye with u and the girls! Xxx


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