I have a wonderful collection of photo books, fashion books and reading books.
I heart books.
It would be to hard for me to select a favorite as each one has its on personal meaning and fascination for me, I would love someone to feel that way about something I have written or captured with a still.

Throughout my childhood books have always been a major part of my upbringing and this carried on through my teenage years and into adult hood. I find books very nostalgic and comforting and it gives me great joy to know I still own all my childhood books and with the advice from my parents to look after them they are all still in great condition ready for me to share with children and friends in my life and the most important when it comes to the children of my own.

One of the books which stand out the most for me from my late teenage years, a book I always refer to and feel Its mine and that no one knows about it. This book my dad found for me when I was going through a hard time in my life, Is from the library (where my dad worked) and luckily became one of the books that was sold in the library book sale so I got to keep it.
This book is called 'girlosophy- a soul survival kit' its a mixture of photographs and self survival tips.

In its own words:

'' Finally a handbook that tells it like it could be.... girlosophy - a soul survival kit is a blueprint for life for all young women that urges each to find their own individual truth.

To become a girlospher all you need is

  • an open heart and open mind
  • a direct and honest approach
  • a strong vulnerability
  • an ornate simplicity
  •  a ruthless compassion
  • the relentless pursuit of excellence
  • the courage to fail
  • the courage to try again
  • an understanding of the spirit within
So what is a girlosophy? It is literally, a new philosophy for girls. It will help you take charge of your destiny and your practical life by giving you the spiritual, emotional and practical means to achieve your full potential.

girlosophy represents and depicts real girls from all over the world, emphasizing intellectual and emotional balance, individuality, physical health and natural beauty.

girlosophy- a soul survival kit is for the eternal girl within all young women. Designed to be toted around a for quick and easy reference, this gorgoues book will be a constant companion for the long road ahead.

Its your life - Think about it ''

And all this is true, well for me anyway. It has served its correct definition and at this point in time I find myself picking it up and seeping through the pages hopeing I will find answers and that all I read and see is true.

For all the beauty in the world and all the passion sometimes in life youf find yourselves at a cross roads, this can happen more than once and desicions have to be made that sometimes can be too difficult and that you find too hard.
I myself often meet my soul at these cross roads whether I need to be here is the question and wether I bring myself here to help find answers in which I may not always find. Difficulties in life vary, some people deal with difficulties easier than others and some difficulties dont even matter to others. Does this mean we are weak? does this mean we have failed? No its means our path and our life is written for its purpose and written the way we choose to follow.
Fate is a strong force and with the right guidence you can find yourself living your fate with great accomplishemnt and great passion. I for one can often feel the force and see the changes of peoples fate and the changes they make of their lives, good or bad. I however struggle with my own fate and rarely listen to my own honest and true advice. Helping others comes naturally to me and is something I find very rewarding, even the littlest words, messages, photographs or gestures can change how someone is feeling and have a big impact on their day and life.
I think its very important as women that we use our inner magic we possess to forever make our family, friends and lovers feel this way.
Take time to send a message and check in on people you love they may not be around forever and you never know what kind of day they are having.
 Don't just assume people are happy because you see them smile or see them laugh sometimes they need a little more happiness in which you could maybe give.
Remember why you are here and take time to use your skills and talents to spread happiness and make people smile.
Love. Live and Laugh... Oh how we forget to just really laugh every day!!!!! It can be magical.
Step back and view your surroundings they can be amazing and you could be missing something with your busy hectic lifestyles.
Always say please and thankyou, remember your manners and the way you portray yourself.
First impressions are never forgotten and how you make people feel should always be a first thought.
Feel the energy.Take time to meditate, pray or light a candle for someone, something or yourself.
Magic is out there aslong as you pursue it.
Remember you are your number one priority and if someone you love doesnt feel the same then they dont deserve your love, a relationship is about two people not one. If your give your everything then they should be also.

All my advice is free and all my advice comes from experience. This book opens your mind to your worth as a women and as an individual. I would love to share every paragraph, quote and advice from the book but I will be here forever.

Here is just some of my favourites:

' Listen and be inspired becasue in everything you see, hear and do, there is a gift'

Count your blessings

Relationships are about give and give, not give and take. You know your with the right person when they give as much as you.

Self-love is the most important kind

When it comes to falling in love
No chase
No obsession
No trying to hard
Just let it be
Its about Trust

Passion - the key ingrediant for a beautiful life

True beauty is the spirit within

If you want to be someone, be yourself.

Trust your intuition- Give yourself a hand


I will one day have a book just like this with my own words and experience's to help and encourage all young girls and women who need to feel inspired and realise exactly how much they are worth.

Love Lucy


  1. Lovely words Lucy Lou and indeed a lovely book I remember it well. Great to see it's still working its magic. Just like you do.

    Lots of Love. Always.

    Dad x x x

  2. im saving this post lu! incredible! you will inspire those women and girls!!! xxx

  3. What wonderful words! I want to copy and paste the whole thing as my quote for the day! You write so effortlessly and I believe everything you right- it really touches me!
    Thank you for this post, it's made me feel better about me and everything in my life at the moment!
    Love u and thank u xxx

  4. Sounds like a wonderful book and great post, it really helped me!


    1. thank you and Im glad it helped in someway xxxx

  5. What a lovely post x


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