☠ Oh how I wish that was me in this photo ☠
Lets start at the very beginning. The gorgeous Jodie who is a very dear friend of mine decided to shave off her hair for *The Little Princess Trust* (a charity raising money for wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer) after years of putting stress on her Afro from weaves, extensions and dying. Now I know how much she has always wanted long locks and between each weave how she cannot wait for her next appointment to have it back in, how her outfit (in her mind) doesn't look right if she hasn't got big long hair,  on holiday with her chocolate tan she needs the weave to complement her look. So you get the picture and now you understand how much of a big change this is for her and unlike Samson who lost his strength Jodie has gained hers along with glory and a mass of public gratitude. Throwing all these materials away and striping back to the bare essentials true beauty always will shine through. So I asked Jo if she would be up for a New Age Punk shoot which to my joy she was and what a great way to celebrate her new look. 

In the words of Nicki Minaj 
''I feel free, I feel freedom''





Scarf & Earrings: Primark
Cardigan: Charity Shop
Balcony Bra: Asda
Hat: New Look
Pencil Skirt: Primark
Net Skirt: eBay 
Shoes: Next (models own)
Camera: 35mm Minolta

Love you forever


  1. I love you and thank you for this blog xxx

  2. Jodie looks lovely

    1. Thank you she really does pull this look off x

  3. Great blog Lu. If only we all embraced our true beauty like Jode does. Gorgeous pics taken of a gorgeous girl by a gorgeous girl! Just gorgeous!! x

  4. I love this, the pics of Jodie are fabulous. Who needs hair? x

  5. Your friend looks like fun! Love the skirt on skirt bit, xoxo.


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