2015 is quickly closing in on us and this is the time everyone starts reflecting of their lives, making changes and starting new chapters for the new year.

My 2015 has been a challenging one so rolling into 2016 I will be thankful for my blessings and having love in my heart. I have learned more and more in my life that it isn't material things you need, you don't need to be worrying about pointless things or other peoples issues and opinions. What is important is love and kindness, to be around people who love you for who you are and for what you bring them to their life, without having to change anything positive about yourself that makes you who you are.

I will forever be grateful for my upbringing and learning through my Mum and Dad's morals and actions about how to be selfless, nonjudgmental and kindhearted. I would never have been able to care for my Mum through this year's mastectomy and chemotherapy battle if it wasn't for watching her nurse people all my life and do the same for her Mum through her ongoing cancer battle.

Life isn't about what expensive Christmas present you got, having the latest iPhone or getting so drunk you don't remember anything and your next day is ruined. It's about cherishing your days, what you have and making the most of the goodness in the world. Caring for your loved ones and finding love in all ways and forms. 

Here's to a happy and healthy new year. 



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