It has become apparent to me over the last couple of years how important your inner health is. I feel that the media and some celebrities are making good progress on showing and exploring the importance of healthy eating and exercise. 

We still have the occasionally backlash of fad diets and drastic weight loss publicised in a positive way when they are by no means positive for your body and mind long term, however overall I think people are quickly learning the importance of looking after our bodies.  

This leads me to my constant struggle with eating the correct way for my health (cfs/me & underactive thyroid) and weight  and trying to stay focused for the long term. 

The importance is to remember you are allowed set backs and when falling off course and indulging to much to take the time to re focus and remember where you want your mind and body to be in years to come. I know for sure as my 29th eagerly approaches that by my 30th I want to feel the healthiest I have been in a long time and look forward to a happy bright future. 

Love your body, relax, exercise for fun, de-stress, have lots of cuddles, spend quality time with your family & friends and cherish the moments people can take for granted and remember you are what you eat. 
In the words of the Buddha ..........
"what you think you become" 


Love Lucy 


  1. Thats lovely, Lots of Love... Jade & Dolly xxx

  2. Some great advice, I sometimes feel like people need to give themselves a break and just accept themselves as they are!

    Rags of Love-Alternative London Fashion and Beauty Blog


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