My Monday life quote. I found this whilst trailing through Instagram and decided this would be a great one to post. 

I have spent a lot of my past worrying about the silliest things that at the time seemed like the world was going to end. I'm happy to say I have put a lot of my old worrying habits behind me and I find it easier to leave things and not dwell so much. 

Due to my recent anixetys following being unwell with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME I noticed little patterns of my worrying coming back. I often think I'm lucky with stuff that happened to me in the past because it has taught me to see the signs and watch myself from slipping into an unhealthy dark place. If you can focus your energy on putting the worrys to one side and seing the better part of a situation then your half way there. People are always going to worry at some point it's just teaching yourself what's important and what in te grand scheme of life will pass by and be forgotten... 



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